• High Growth Technology Startups

    from Central and Eastern Europe

  • we leverage

    our local background, operational expertise and global network to help CEE startups realize their fullest potential

    Our Scope in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria

    • Founding team and core technology exist and have ‘zero to one’ potential
    • Product has global appeal from day one
    • Early stage
    • Capable of achieving extraordinary growth
    • Focus on technology-heavy plays

    Why Oktogon?

    • Led and partially funded by the entrepreneur behind Hungary’s largest-ever startup M&A success
    • Regional network of potential co-investment partners

    • Principals and mentors with proven startup and entrepreneurial experience

    • Strong connections to US and Western European tier 1 VCs, Angels and partners

    • Access to a large network of local technical and management talent


    Continuous Integration and Delivery for mobile apps

    After connecting your repository, Bitrise scans and configures your project for any mobile platform, be it native or hybrid, so you can start shipping your app immediately.

    Sell more with Messenger Marketing

    Forget low email open rates and spam folders. Increase your revenue by engaging customers on the platform they actively use: Facebook Messenger.

    Race Nutrition Planner

    Enduraid is a mobile application, which helps you to draw up the most optimal race nutrition protocol tailored to the challenges of your current race and training.

    All-in-one security for your Linux servers

    BitNinja is an easy-to-use server security tool mixing the most powerful defense mechanisms. BitNinja gives Linux servers real-time protection against a wide range of threats without the need of any configuration and long hours of work.

  • Gyula Fehér

    General Partner

    Veronika Pistyur

    General Partner

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