• High Growth Technology Startups

    from Central and Eastern Europe

  • we leverage

    our local background, operational expertise and global network to help CEE startups realize their fullest potential

    Our Scope is Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria

    • Founding team and core technology exist and have ‘zero to one’ potential
    • Product has global appeal from day one
    • Early stage
    • Capable of achieving extraordinary growth
    • Focus on technology-heavy plays

    Why Oktogon?

    • Led and partially funded by the entrepreneur behind Hungary’s largest-ever startup M&A success
    • Regional network of potential co-investment partners

    • Principals and mentors with proven startup and entrepreneurial experience

    • Strong connections to US and Western European tier 1 VCs, Angels and partners

    • Access to a large network of local technical and management talent


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    Continuous Integration and Delivery for mobile apps

    After connecting your repository, Bitrise scans and configures your project for any mobile platform, be it native or hybrid, so you can start shipping your app immediately.

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    Sell more with Messenger Marketing

    Forget low email open rates and spam folders. Increase your revenue by engaging customers on the platform they actively use: Facebook Messenger.

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    Race Nutrition Planner

    Enduraid is a mobile application, which helps you to draw up the most optimal race nutrition protocol tailored to the challenges of your current race and training.

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    All-in-one security for your Linux servers

    BitNinja is an easy-to-use server security tool mixing the most powerful defense mechanisms. BitNinja gives Linux servers real-time protection against a wide range of threats without the need of any configuration and long hours of work.

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    The holographic communication

    Mixed reality technology that lets you jump into someone else's reality as a full sized volumetric hologram.

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    The eco-friendly carwash company

    App-based carwash solution. Opportunity to save water, clean cars, and create jobs for people.

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    Web Acceleration-as-a-Service and Digital Asset management brought together

    Scaleflex has developed an Acceleration-as-a-Service solution that vastly improves website loading speeds. By optimizing the data-heavy aspects of websites like images and video.

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    The future of smart energy. Ultra-performance and efficiency

    The Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET) is an exterior permanent magnet circumferential flux 4 rotor machine. Innovative concepts are introduced in the magnetic structure and operation at the core of the HET, resulting in a large amount of torque generation.

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    An easy to use AI video creator

    Colossyan develops synthetic media generation technology to maximize conversions by personalizing and giving a face to your communication.

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    Automated Impact Investing App

    FLIT Invest is an automated impact investing app that allows users to align their investments with their values without sacrificing returns.

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    AEY Metaverse Guild builds the largest play-to-earn guild in Central Europe.

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    AI-based on-site catering

    Deligo develops and builds cutting edge kiosks with AI product recognition for on-site catering.

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    Enterprise SaaS upskilling platform

    Which uses AI to provide a fully automated, fair and unbiased skill mapping tool.

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    Electric fleet optimization software

    Volteum enables companies to operate their electric cars and vans easily, cost-efficiently and conveniently with its EV optimization solution.

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    Groceries online discounter


    Fres is bringing the classic model of the offline grocery discounter to online. Working with limited SKUs, private labels, planned economy, and bespoke IT solutions enables it to offer customers the lowest prices in the online market and time savings through convenient delivery.

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    Personalize cancer treatments with artificial intelligence

    Defeat cancer in its own game! Case by Case!

    Genomate has developed a computational solution to find the right targeted therapy for every cancer patient based on the individual molecular profile of their tumor.

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    Simple warehouse-native product analytics

    Mitzu is a no-code, self-serve product analytics tool that

    enables decision-makers to analyze customer usage data

    directly from the data warehouse.

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    Business Operations Observability


    Automate & manage your key processes. Sync tools & data to automate processes and get alerted in case of incidents. AI-enabled, 5-minute setup, no coding required.

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    Bridging the visitor-to-meeting gap


    We address the critical need to interact with your website visitors in real-time, precisely when they are most engaged.
    Captiwate provides live user activity insights, empowering proactive human engagement with your visitors through chat and video calls.

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    Real cloud cost management for engineering teams


    Rabbit empowers data and platform engineers to manage and optimize their cloud, providing unparalleled depth into Google Cloud Services.

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    Proactive Workplace AI Safety Software

    Surveily transform existing cameras into 24/7 monitoring systems, offering instant insights for early identification and empowering EHS teams to make proactive, informed safety decisions.

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    Gyula Fehér

    General Partner

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    Veronika Pistyur

    General Partner

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    Péter Parragh


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    Miklós Zsigó


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  • Please contact us

    If you and your company...

    • have a technology-heavy startup (preferably B2B SaaS)
    • based in CEE
    • are having customers internationally
    • are already making money (MRR: 20k+)
    • have the ambition to build the next unicorn
    • are looking for investment between 150k and 1,5M USD
    • are actively seeking a smart money investor to partner up with you on the journey to success
    • (by 'partner up' we mean that the control of your business remains with you. We are aiming for minority share and not interested in buyouts at all, cause we believe that success can only be achieved through motivated founders.)

    Usually, we get back to you in a few days, so let's have the pitch deck and the spreadsheet ready.😊

    In your application, please detail...

    • what does your startup do?
    • who are your customers?
    • what is the value you offer to your customers?
    • how do you acquire customers?
    • who are your competitors?
    • what is your advantage over your competitors?
    • why now? (what has changed in the market/technology to make this the right time?)
    • key risks/challenges, limits to growth, plan to mitigate them?
    • size, previous experience, and successes of the team?
    • main metrics of your business (e.g., active users, MRR, CAC, LTV, Churn, rating)?
    • what are you going to use the investment for?

    By providing such a detailed introduction you can save fair amount of time for both of us. Thank you!